Caring for Marimo

Taking care of a pet could be a huge responsibility – they are a lifetime commitment and responsible pet ownership includes ensuring your pet has the proper veterinary care, food, shelter and exercise, the list goes on. Even plants require watering everyday.

Taking care of lil’ Marimo is much easier. This would give you a headstart in preparing yourself for the extra commitment.

Only three things it needs to survive on:

  • some water (can be tap water)
  • ceiling light and
  • your tender, loving care!

**Marimo CANNOT be exposed to directly sunlight**


How often do I change the water?
Once every fortnight (two weeks) should suffice; but once a month or whenever the water gets dirty is okay too. Just change 50% of the water at any one time.

Under what temperature do I keep my Marimo?
Avoid any temperature over 28 degrees Celsius. Keep it in your room, or any cool place (without sunlight, remember!)

Does it photosynthesise without direct sunlight?
Yes, it is still able to produce its own starch from chloroplast and grow.

If you wish to find out more, feel free to text me @ +65 96813368.